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What is the instant image that comes to your mind when someone mentions Peru to you, Is it the Amazon, the selvas, which is 50% of the Peru? Is it the Andes, which span over one-quarter of this land ? Is it the well preserved Machu Picchu, the 15 century Inca citadel situated on a mountain ridge 2,430 metres ? Or is it long sea coast which borders the western side of the country?  Today lets talk something different about Peru. Lets talk of Peru and convolve it with Agriculture. How interesting does that sound ? 

Krishi Jagran/ Agriculture World visited the Embassy of Peru few days back and two gentleman, Mr. Luis Miguel Cabello, Economic & commercial counsellor and  Mr. Roy Postigo, Agriculture Expert, both from Commercial Office of Peru in India set forth a different side of Peru to us. The agricultural front of this beautiful South American country is quite identical with India, when we talk of the farmers' land holding capacity or the economic conditions.

Superfoods and Avacado, are the two major agri products which is taking most of the Attention by Peru embassy currently.  Other horticultural products where Peru has its share of expertise and major exports are Grapes, Avocado, Blueberry, Quinoa, Cocoa, Chilies, potatoes, Coffee and everyone's favourite, Chocolate.

In India Peru is emphasising on the Processed food industry, And having completed 2 couple of years they have majored in the sector of grape and the current emphasis is on Avocado.

Since for any trade to stabilise, " Bilateral" is the magical term. Peru imports a lot of Basmati rice, Mangoes and Tea from India. 

Our jaw dropped, when Mr. Luis exclaimed, " We have 4,000 varieties of Potatoes, 300 varieties of Chillies and 300 varieties of Corn, being grown in our country." To add more weight to this, Mr. Luis presented, Purple corn. 

About Purple Corn : 

Common in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, purple corn is used in chicha morada, a drink made by boiling ground purple corn kernels with pineapple, cinnamon, clove, and sugar, and in mazamorra, a type of pudding. One of the most popular purple corn food uses is the "Api", a smoothie served hot and sometimes called "Inca's dessert". 

Purple Corn is rich in polyphenols called anthocyanins. Mr. Roy mentioned, " Purple Corn is abundant in antioxidants and is a mix of healthy and tasty diet. India uses purple corn flour to make Nachos, which is loved by the population." 

Apart from these eatables, Peru loves  to have fish and meat in their diet. A lot of animal flesh in imported in Peru and having a long coast line, the second major economic activity after mining is taken by Fishing. [ Peru's $2 billion exports to India holds a large share of Gold and copper ]

Currently, Peru is only involved in the export of processed agri products to India, and no seed/varieties/chemicals or technology etc is being imported to the country. The Indian states which imports in bulk from this nation are : Maharastra, West Bengal and Karnataka.

Peru consulate invites all the Indian firms/importers/exporters to pitch in this trade relation and drop queries for the import/ export of agri products. 

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