I went to a village along with my friends. Seeing different farmers working in their fields, I felt the need to interview them. I asked them about their life and daily routine. I found out that an Indian farmer is incredibly hard working.  He gets up early in the morning even before the cock's crow, takes plough and with his cattle walk briskly towards his field. He cares for nothing be it winter, summer or rainy season. Under the sun, scorching heat and sweat rolls down his face. He wraps a torn towel over his head to prevent heat strokes at noon. His wife or his children generally bring him his midday meal. With his rough hands, he eats his meager meal under the shade of tree. Soon after he resumes his work, he sometimes sings a song to break the monotony of the hard work. He returns home only when it is dusk.  

At the entrance of his hut, he is greeted by his children, which is the happiest time of the day. At night, he enjoys the sight of his children having enough food and if something remains, he eats it to fill his stomach. Although farmers don't take nutritious and hygienic food, they are stronger and healthier than the people living in cities!

It could be because of the fresh air and sunshine in villages.

Despite such hard work and sacrifices, farmers still lives amidst poverty. When pests destroy their crops, they are severely affected. All the modern food we eat has its origin in the farmers produce. Imagine what would happen if all farmers go on strike and reap the crops for their own usage only. All of us would strive for FOOD.




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