Fruits and vegetables are considered to be the protective food because these help us to develop defense mechanism in our body. Mango, which is the king of fruit, is also our national fruit. More than 50 % mango production is contributed by India. A mango farmer Shri P. Veerabhadran in Mampakkam village in Tamil Naidu has only 6% area, 6% production with average productivity of 5.5/ha. He grew two types of mango variety in his area few years back. Now he is a successful farmer in Tamil Nadu, India.

India is a large hub of mango production in the world. The mango farmer P.Veerabhadarn did ground nuts and other vegetable farming, and due to severe water shortage and successive monsoon failures he lost a major portion of his crop. At present he has about 250 Banganapalli and 400 Rumani varieties of mango trees in his field. Both the varieties of mango yields a sizeable income. The harvesting season of the crop is March to June. The yield varies with varieties and spacing adopted.

#. 8-10t/ha up to 15 year

#. 15-20/ha from 15 to 20 years

The farmers were not happy because their children did not want to continue agriculture. But Shri. P. Veerabhadran continued farming and became a successful farmer in India.

- Payal Gupta
Krishi Jagran


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