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Ber' which is known as "Indian Jujube" is one of the hardy minor fruits crops and suitable for cultivation in desiccate condition. This fruit is native to India and is called poor man fruit in India. Here a farmer Shri Aminoor Islam is engaged in nursery business for the last 25 year. He planted t a distance of 6ft*6ft and obtained a yield of 33kg/plan in the first year. This kind of high yield encouraged him to multiply the planting material to 3500 by grafting and 6acres land were brought under apple ber cultivation. He sold some plant to another farmers. After the great success he planted 2400 plants in 4acre of land and in 2009 about 3,50,000 plant were multiplied. Now, he has the plan to prepare another 5,00,000 plant soon. He achieved in high density about 80kg and 25kg/plant in winter and rainy season from 3 year old plant and the same were 70 to 20kg from 2 year old orchard. 

He did lots of hard work timely operation of plant protection measures, use of important inputs like irrigation, fertilizer and high yielding variety. This small-small things make him success of his apple ber farming. He inspired by Bangladesh, because in 2007 where he found the wonderful apple ber plant to apple ber from there to multiply the same in his nursery in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. 




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