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9 Things to Keep in Mind for a Growing / Expanding Poultry Farm Business

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Agri-Business is doing extremely well in the Indian market these days and this is the field which will last forever in the market. If you are thinking of starting any Agri-business, then Poultry Farming is the best option you can think about. Poultry farming is quite profitable, but a lot of people fail due to the lack of proper knowledge and business idea. Poultry farming has been in existence from long decades in the Indian market and you have more chance to gain profit in this business.

Let’s know about some secret tips to gain success in the market.      

1. Start small in the beginning

Don’t start large scale poultry farming if you are inexperienced in the market. For a business like poultry farming, you have to start small and then expand gradually as your business grows and demands your products increase. You should also do a proper feasibility study before you go into the business. If there are too many competitors or if the supply for poultry products exceeds the demand in your area, then look for somewhere else to start your business or look for another business to start. There are several other lucrative businesses in the livestock farming industry that you can consider.

2. Consider Meat Packaging and Production-:

A lot of people get their poultry products from grocery stores and supermarkets. Very few people still buy live animals because they feel it is less stressful when you buy already packaged meat which you can use to make your meal in a few minutes. Therefore, you should really consider having your own meat production and packaging business to sell the products from your farm.

Once you have your poultry farm, starting a meat packaging company is fairly easy. Just create a space for butchering and cleaning the animals, hire butchers and buy equipment that would make the job mechanized and faster, some refrigerators and then approach food regulatory agencies in your area for a license and boom! You are ready to start packaging your own meat.


3. Have your own sales outlet-:

Another way to expand your poultry farm business is to have your own sales outlet and not rely only on supplying to retailers. You don’t have to have too many sales outlets; you can start with just one. You can sell your own branded chickens and chicken parts and fresh eggs to consumers.

4. Offer Mobile Sales and Delivery Services-: 

Twenty-four hours in a day is just not enough for most of us because of the kind of busy lives we lead. Now, imagine having to cook, shop for groceries, tend to the kids and do all sort of other house chores and still maintain a 9-5 job. It’s really not easy for a lot of working parents and this is why mobile sales and delivery services always work.

A lot of people see such services as a live-saving one; a service that brings you necessities without dealing with stress and traffic. With a van or two, you are ready to start offering such services within your area and that is also an expansion of your income.

5. You can employ sales representatives-: 

Don’t think that your business is too small to employ sales reps or that poultry business is not serious enough to have sales representatives.

6. Have your own Hatchery-: 

Instead of purchasing day-old chicks, it’s more cost-effective to have your own hatchery for hatching new chicks. You would be able to reduce the costs of hatching and also increase output compared to outsourcing the service to other people

7. Produce your own feed-: 

Another tip for poultry farming is to have your own feed mill for producing chicken feed. Chicken feed production is not so hard; if you are able to reduce the costs of producing feed, you would be able to increase on the7 overall profitability of your business.

8. Take Stock regularly-: 

You should also keep an eye on the output from your farm. You should have a store where eggs are stored and have some people who would be in charge of stock-keeping and counting the chickens regularly. This would help to prevent thefts.

9. You can even apply for government grants-: 

Agriculture is something that the government is always interested in. And that is why there are a lot of support programs for investors in the agricultural sector. Such support programs come in the form of government-backed loans and grants. You should look out for such grants and apply for them.

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