For high Yield and profit : Fertilizer Management in Papaya

Papaya is a delicious, high value fruit crop produced throughout the year. It is used as vegetable if harvested prematurely, while ripe fruit is widely used. Properly managed papaya crop yield is high and gives very high amount of profit. Shri Ganpatro Bahanrao of Sholapur district of Maharashtra obtained a yield of 138t/ha with a net profit of Rs 503500/ha( sale price Rs 5./kg) . Shri Ranjan Das of of West Bengal got a yield of 150t/ha with net profit of Rs 420,000 /ha/. He mainly harvested premature fruits and sold his crop as vegetable ( sale price Rs 3.5/kg).

Cereal production success stories are well documented. Of late, fruit and vegetable production is gaining ground.

Area and production of fruit crop have increased in last 20 years but the productivity increase is not that spectacular mainly because of low use of plant nutrients. Balanced use of plant nutrient results very high yield and profit.

Like banana it is available throughout the year and it is easy to cultivate. It produces more income per unit of area only next to banana and has high nutritive and medicinal value.


Fertilizer man agent followed by the Maharashtra farmer is mentioned below.

1) After a month of planting, 5 kg 19-19-19 and 25 kg urea/ha were applied through fertigation.

2) After 15 days, the same dose was repeated.

3) After two months of planting ring was made around the plant and fertilizer at the rate of 250 Kg DAP, 500 Kg neem cake and 188 Kg urea /ha were applied.

4) After 3 months ( 250 kg DAP +500Kg neem cake + 750 Kg MOP + 25 kg micronutrient mixture) were added

5) From 4th to 6th month drip fertigation was practiced as indicated below.

a) At the beginning of 4th month 12-61-0 30Kg /ha.

b) After 15 days 30Kgha 0-0-50 mixed fertilizer.

c) 15 days after that , 30 kg /ha -30-0-45.

d) 6th month, 30 kg/ha 0-0-50, 15 days after 30 kg/ha 12-61-0.

e) At 7th month again 250 DAP + 188 kg MOP + 25 kg micronutrients + 37.5 S/ha were applied.

Medicinal Value

1)Papaya is used as ripen fruit and vegetable and easy to digest

2)Papain produced from dried latex of its raw fruits is used in meat rendering.

3)Latex is used in manufacturing chewing gum, cosmetic, for degumming silk and to give shrink resistance to wool.

4) It is also used in pharmaceutical industries, textiles, garments, cleaning paper and adhesive manufacturing, sewage disposal etc.

-Dr. B C Biswas
Krishi Jagran, Delhi

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