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Start These 3 Profitable Side Businesses at Home without Much Investment & Earn Rs 30,000-40,000 in a Month

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

It is very difficult to run a house only on the basis of salary during the time of financial crisis. There are many other expenses, besides house expenses which need to be covered. Thus, there is a need for some extra income. So today in this article, we will inform you about many such side business ideas through which you can earn extra income. Interestingly, this profitable business can be done along with your job. Also, not much investment is required in this. You can start this work at home to earn more money. 

Profitable Side Businesses for Extra Income

1. Yoga teacher

Due to the ongoing epidemic, these days people are very much conscious and active about their health. Their love towards yoga has deepened. Therefore, if you too want to make your career as a yoga teacher, then go for it. This is the best career option to be started without money. You can take home classes of yoga starting at Rs 500 per person. It is a profitable side business in which you can easily earn Rs 30 - 35 thousand.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

2. Mobile Tiffin Service

The business of Mobile Tiffin is in huge demand these days. Not only men, but even women have started this business and are making good money. Interestingly, this business can become a good earning opportunity in any commercial area. This is a profitable side business which is never-ending. Its demand will keep on increasing day by day. You only need to find the right place to do your marketing.


3. Home tutor

Home tutors are earning good money especially if they are a graduate from Maths or Science stream. It is to be noted that you can earn big money as a home tutor. Maths and science teachers have a lot of demand as a home tutor. One can earn from Rs 15 - 20 thousand and can also open your own coaching center.

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