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TCBT Organic Farming Education: How to Get Trained for Organic Farming

In the realm of modern agriculture, more and more farmers are eager to switch from conventional to organic farming. But, many face uncertainty about how to do it successfully. If you're seeking guidance on this journey, look no further. TCBT (Tara Chand Belji Technique) is a leading organic farming education provider offering tailored training programs to help farmers embrace sustainable and organic practices.

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TCBT Organic Farming Education
TCBT Organic Farming Education

The Organic Farming Aspiration

With growing concerns about the environmental impact of conventional farming methods, there is a rising interest in organic farming—a system that emphasizes ecological balance, biodiversity, and the minimization of synthetic inputs. Organic farming not only promotes healthier food production but also ensures the preservation of the environment for future generations.

Navigating the Transition: "How to Go About It"

For farmers who wish to embrace organic farming but lack the know-how, TCBT comes to the rescue. Our specialized training programs are designed to guide farmers through every aspect of organic agriculture from the fundamentals to advanced techniques, ensuring a smooth transition to this sustainable approach.

TCBT Leading the Organic Farming Education

At TCBT we take pride in being at the forefront of organic farming education. Our commitment to fostering sustainable agriculture has empowered countless farmers to make the switch to organic practices successfully.

TCBT Organic Farming Education
TCBT Organic Farming Education

Diverse Training Programs to Suit Your Needs

TCBT understands that every farmer's journey is unique and we offer diverse training programs to suit various needs and preferences:

Online and Offline Options

Our flexible approach caters to farmers worldwide. Online courses allow for self-paced learning, while offline sessions provide immersive, hands-on experiences.

Continuous Expert Guidance

Our team of over 50 successful organic farmers provides year-round support, going beyond training to address queries and share valuable insights.

Intensive 3-4 Day Programs

For a deep dive into organic farming, our offline sessions span 3-4 days, conducted once every three months, covering essential topics for a strong start.

Short 1-Day Programs

Expanding accessibility, we now offer short 1-day programs at the Chandigarh TCBT Kisan Shiksha Centre, with plans to establish similar centers in other cities.

The SOUL Education App

Embrace online learning with our SOUL App—a platform hosting diverse courses covering organic concepts, TCBT methods and proprietary formulae, accessible from the comfort of your home.

Empowering Farmers with Knowledge

Our training curriculum is carefully curated to address all aspects of organic farming comprehensively. Participants can expect to delve into the following areas:

a) Training for Organic Farming

TCBT offers a comprehensive training program that covers the entire spectrum of organic farming, including ecological and sustainable practices. They learn time-tested methods and formulae developed by Guruji Tara Chand Belji, which have delivered exceptional results for organic farmers. Participants are guided on seeking help from experienced experts to overcome challenges and are equipped with insights to determine optimal usage of organic inputs, striking a balance between maximizing yield and ensuring sustainability.

b) Empowering Farmers for Organic Success

TCBT's training goes beyond the basics and equips farmers with essential tools to thrive in organic farming. Participants are introduced to reliable sources for organic materials, ensuring they can access pure and trustworthy inputs. Soil quality and nutrient management are emphasized, as they form the bedrock of successful organic farming. Participants also learn to build a robust local network of like-minded organic farmers, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Advanced training programs cater to crop-specific processes, tailoring the knowledge to the unique requirements of horticulture, grains, vegetables and other specializations. TCBT's training provides farmers with the expertise they need to flourish in the world of organic agriculture.


TCBT Organic Farming Education
TCBT Organic Farming Education

c) Post-Training Expert Connection: Learning from the Best

After completing our comprehensive training program, participants at TCBT get the chance to connect with accomplished practitioners Lekhram Yadav and Pankaj Manda. Lekhram, a seasoned organic farmer with a background in Microbiology, has successfully practiced TCBT's methods on his 350-acre farm in Kotputli for 5 years. Pankaj Manda, an expert in soil science and Agriculture has also been implementing TCBT techniques for 4 years. Engaging with these experienced farmers provides valuable insights and practical knowledge, empowering participants to excel in their organic farming.

d) Farm Visits to Successful Organic Farmers

Seeing is believing! TCBT offers the opportunity for trainees to visit successful organic farms, gaining first-hand insights and inspiration for their own farming endeavors.


Expanding Horizons:

To equip farmers with a holistic understanding of organic farming, TCBT goes beyond the fundamentals covering additional essential topics:

a) Economics of Organic Farming

Understanding the economic aspects of organic farming is crucial for farmers to make informed decisions about investments and returns.

b) Marketing Organic Produce: Where and How to Sell

TCBT's training helps farmers identify potential markets and effective strategies for selling their organic produce, ensuring profitability and sustainability.

c) Packaging and Logistics Support

Efficient packaging and logistics are essential for maintaining the quality of organic produce and ensuring timely deliveries to customers.

d) Exploring SOUL Technology Platforms

TCBT introduces participants to the SOUL Technology Platforms like SOUL Dukan app, SOUL Education app, SOUL kisan app, SOUL website to enhance organic farming practices.

e) Urban and Kitchen Gardening Concepts

Recognizing the importance of homegrown produce, TCBT offers insights into urban and kitchen gardening, encouraging individuals to grow their own food sustainably.

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