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These 7 Agri Businesses can make You Rich; Know How

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Poultry Farming

Farming is the rapidly growing arena in today’s world which has lots of potential if you choose the right and smart tricks. Last month, the central government has announced a package of Rs 15,000 Crore for the animal husbandry sector. Moreover, government believes that farmers can increase their income through animal husbandry. Hence, today we are going to highlight the highest earning jobs in farming where you can invest money and get good double amount in return.

Profitable Businesses in Agriculture

The lives of about 20.5 million people in India depend on livestock. Earning money from animal husbandry farming is one of the most spectacular tasks. Here we are telling about 7 such works related to animal husbandry, out of which you can increase your earning in agriculture.

Dairy farming

It is very easy for a farmer to start dairy farming by rearing milk cattle. Moreover, government is providing a loan up to 7 Lakh for dairy farmers through different schemes. NABARD also provides subsidy on loan for this work. There is always a demand for milk and milk products, so dairy farming is a profitable business in any case.

Goat rearing

Goat rearing is a part of animal husbandry. Goat rearing supplies both milk and meat. Goat rearing work can also be started at a very small level. Goat farming requires less space, less capital and less care. Goat milk demand is very high in cities and its milk is sold very expensive.

Pearl Farming

Moti (Pearl) is being cultivated in many places of India. This work can be started on very small land. The training of pearl farming is given at the Central Institute of Fresh Water Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar.

Pearl Farming

Earning from pearl farming

Pearls can be cultivated in a 10x10 feet pond. The pearl is prepared by putting a shape inside the oyster through operation. The best season for pearl cultivation is considered from October to December. An oyster costs 8 to 12 rupees. The price of 1 mm to 20 mm oyster beads in the market ranges from about Rs 300 to Rs 1500. Nowadays designer beads are being liked a lot, which get good prices in the market.

Quail farming

There is a lot of demand for quail bird meat and eggs in the market. Poultry is prepared with low cost and short time by poultry farming. Quail has the ability to give birth to three to four generations in a year. The female quail starts laying eggs from the age of 45 days. 8 to 10 quail can be kept in a place for a chicken. (Photo- Reuters)

Poultry Farming

Demand for chicken meat and eggs are increasing day by day. Molly farming can be started on a small scale or large scale business. Small farmers can also raise poultry in the backyard of the house. Government gives grants for poultry farming.

Sheep Farming

Like goat, sheep are reared for meat and milk. The biggest advantage of sheep farming is wool. Wool, meat and milk are different breeds of sheep for all purposes. On the advice of agricultural scientists, sheep farming can be started in less space and at lower cost.

Fish Farming

Along with agriculture, fish farming can also be done easily. Fish farming is done in paddy fields in Bihar and Northeast states. Fish farming in an acre of pond can earn Rs 6-8 lakh annually. Duck farming can also be done with fish in the pond.

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