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Top 10 Medicinal Plants that you can Grow at your Household

Research shows that India has been a pioneer in the study, use, and accessibility of medicinal plants. Benefits include can be availed by any age group, are sustainable and Eco-friendly in nature etc. Plants include Tulsi, Mustard, Mint etc.

Chintu Das
Medicinal Plants
Medicinal Plants

Among all the known human civilizations in history, India is perhaps the most researched one. Research shows that India has been a pioneer in the study, use, and accessibility of medicinal plants. Close to around 7000 to 8000 herbal uses of medicinal plants have been systematized in the books of Ayurveda. 

Benefits of using medicinal plants: 

- Using medicinal plants does not require huge expenditure unlike the pharmaceutical medicines. 

- Medicinal plant benefits can be availed by any age group. 

- Medicinal plant remedies do not have any side effects. 

- Medicinal plants are sustainable and eco-friendly in nature. 

- Using medicinal plants in day to day cooking can help your body detoxify. 

Here are 10 medicinal plants that can be home grown with little care: 

Tulsi Plant: 

Indian families effortlessly follow the practice of growing tulsi plants in their household. Since ages, Tulsi is known for its medical benefits and healing properties. Tulsi has been an incredible medicine in diminishing hypertension and elevated cholesterol, curing asthma, headache, cold and cough, acid reflux, sinusitis, gastric cramps, ulcers, and so forth. It is also helpful for arthritis and diabetic patients. 


Mustard seeds are plentiful in nutrients and minerals and are wealthy in selenium that has massive anti-inflammatory properties. They are likewise wealthy in magnesium and that helps in decreasing asthma attacks, reduces joint inflammation, and brings down blood pressure. Mustard seeds aids metabolism and improves the digestion of the body. 

Mint Plant: 

Mint plants grow in moist and humid soil with warm temperatures. Mint leaves are used to garnish several home cooked dishes and especially mint chutney is very popular among Indians. Mint is an extraordinary bearer of Vitamin A and iron. Additionally manganese and folate are also present abundantly in Mint. It improves bowel movement, brain function and digestion. Mint is also an easy fix for awful breath and cold. 

Lavender Plant: 

Sunny and well drained areas favour lavender plant growth. Lavender is known for its oil that is extracted from it. The oil is great for cosmetic usage and acts as an antiseptic in curing burns and insect bites. Lavender oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and aids in curing depression, sleeplessness, anxiety etc. Add lavender leaves in your tea to cure digestive disorders. 

Curry Leaves: 

Curry leaf is another Indian zest and is used to temper dishes. It helps in weight reduction, treats bowel movement, useful for diabetes patients, helps in healing wounds and cuts, gives great vision and improves memory. 

Coriander Leaves: 

Water your coriander plants and enjoy its vitamins and minerals present in the leaves. Leaves of a coriander plant contain vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, protein, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin, carotene and niacin. Coriander leaf increases insulin production and brings down the glucose levels. It additionally brings down cholesterol level, treats Alzheimer's sickness and decreases incendiary illnesses like joint inflammation, fixes mouth ulcer, forestalls eye ailments with its cell reinforcements, and fixes weakness. 

Bay Leaves: 

Bay leaves are common in Indian households and are used majorly in preparing non-vegetarian dishes. Bay leaves have many medicinal properties and are used for treating illnesses such as cancer, gastric, hair fall and dandruff, joint pain etc. You can always boil bay leaves and drink it to cure cough and throat ache. Bay leaves are a great provider of Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, minerals like manganese, calcium etc. 

Basil Plant: 

Basil leaves provide superior immunity, boosts the digestive system, fights inflammation, reduces free radicals in the body, clears the skin and helps in detoxifying your body. You can consume basil by adding it to your soups and salads. 

Aloe Vera Plant: 

Aloe Vera gel is being used for ages now. It’s great for skin use and reduces marks and blemishes in your face and gives you a more youthful and clear face. Aloe Vera not only helps your body but also adds beauty to your house. 

Ajwain Plant: 

Ajwain seed has many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and helps in treating several stomach problems like ulcer etc., normalizes blood pressure, improves digestion, and keeps your cholesterol levels in check. 

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