7 Farm Machinery Rental Apps in India

It simplifies equipment rental for farmers, enabling easy selection and order placement within a 50 km radius, enhancing field productivity.

Custom Hiring Centres (CHC) Farm Machinery App

This app connects farmers with equipment owners, providing rental services for tractors, tillers, and planters, optimizing farming operations and productivity.

KisanRaja App

Streamlines rental processes, benefiting small farmers by enabling transparent, budget-aligned access to necessary equipment, promoting efficiency.

PAU's Farm Machinery App

Tamil Nadu-based App offers farmers hassle-free farm equipment rental, enhancing accessibility and streamlining the rental process through easy mobile bookings.


Connects farmers with high-tech machinery renters, optimizing resource usage and boosting productivity via user-friendly interfaces tailored to specific needs.

Sonalika Agro Solutions' App

Connects tractor owners and CHCs with farmers, ensuring fair, transparent rentals and fostering effective negotiations for mechanization solutions.

JFarm Services Mobile App

Facilitates seamless transactions for buying, selling, and renting tractors, providing expert reviews and up-to-date information for informed decisions.

Khetigaadi Mobile App

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