7 GI-Tagged Indian Mangoes

By Saurabh Shukla

Alphonso Mango (Hapus)

Renowned for its luscious, silky texture and subtle sweetness, the Alphonso, with its vibrant saffron-hued flesh, proudly holds the prestigious GI tag from Maharashtra's Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Raigad, and neighboring areas.



Originating from the Malihabad region of Uttar Pradesh, this iconic mango variety secured its GI status in 2010, captivating mango enthusiasts with its sweet flavor and rich historical heritage spanning centuries-old mango orchards.


Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, the GI-tagged Banganapalle mango features speckles on its skin and a distinctly elongated seed, alluring mango enthusiasts with its unique appearance and delightful taste.


Banganapalle (Beneshan and Chappatai)

From Karnataka's Malnad region, the Appemidi is available in various sub-varieties such as Ananta Bhattana, Kanchappa, and Karnakundala, each offering a distinct aroma and flavor cherished in traditional pickling recipes.



Cherished in West Bengal, the Himsagar, available from May to June, delights with its juicy, fiber-free golden pulp and alluring aroma, cultivated in regions like Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia, and Hooghly.


Himsagar Mango

Exported to the UK from Bihar's Bhagalpur district, the Jardalu mango, cultivated using organic methods, was awarded the GI tag in 2018. It earned acclaim for its exceptional taste and sustainable farming practices.


Jardalu Mango

Dubbed as "Queen of Mangoes," this mango variety from the Girnar foothills in Gujarat is famous for its vibrant orange pulp and sweet taste, receiving GI status in 2011 and garnering praise from mango enthusiasts worldwide.


Gir Kesar Mango

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