7 Hilarious April Fool Prank Ideas You Cannot Miss!

Sponge Cake Surprise

Bake a cake that looks delicious on the outside. Then replace the sponge layers with actual dish sponges. Serve it to unsuspecting friends or family and watch their reactions when they try to cut into it.

Oreo Toothpaste

Carefully remove the cream filling from oreos and replace it with toothpaste. Offer these "oreo cookies" to your friends or family as a sweet treat, and enjoy their shocked faces when they take a bite.

Fake Bug Prank

Scatter some fake bugs, like plastic cockroaches or spiders, in unexpected places such as drawers, cabinets, or under pillows. Sit back and watch as people freak out.

Mouse Prank

Cover the bottom of your co-worker's mouse with transparent tape. They will be left wondering why it is not working, only to find out it's due to an invisible barrier.

Fake Remote Control

Cover the sensor on your friend's TV remote with a small piece of tape. They will be confused when they cannot change the channel or adjust the volume, no matter how many times they press the buttons!

Surprise Alarms:

Set several alarms on your friend's phone that ring at unpredictable moments during the day. Remember to brace yourself for a possible payback!

Spilled Drink Prank

Find a spill-proof cup or container and fake an accidental drink spill on someone. Observe their reaction as they initially panic, only to realize they are completely dry.

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