7 Mouthwatering Holi Recipes You Can't Miss

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A traditional sweet dumpling filled with khoya (milk solids), nuts, and dried fruits, usually deep-fried or baked and then dipped in sugar syrup.

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A refreshing cold drink made with a mixture of milk, nuts, seeds, and spices like saffron, cardamom, and peppercorns. It's often served chilled and sometimes spiked with bhang (cannabis paste) for those who want to join in the festive spirit.

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Deep-fried fritters are made with various vegetables like potatoes, onions, spinach, or paneer (Indian cottage cheese), coated in a spiced gram flour batter.

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Dahi Vada

Soft lentil dumplings soaked in seasoned yogurt, often topped with tangy tamarind chutney, mint chutney, and crunchy sev (fried chickpea noodles).

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Bhang Ki Chutney

A spicy and tangy chutney made with fresh herbs like mint and coriander, green chilies, garlic, and sometimes with a hint of bhang (cannabis paste), served as a condiment with snacks or meals.

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Paneer Tikka

Cubes of paneer marinated in a spiced yogurt mixture and grilled or baked until golden and crispy on the outside, soft and succulent on the inside.

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Thandai Ice Cream

A fusion dessert combining the flavors of traditional thandai with creamy ice cream, perfect for cooling down after all the spicy and savory Holi snacks.

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