7 Profitable Herb-Based Business Ideas

By Saurabh Shukla

Selling Raw Herbs

Tap into the growing demand for herbal remedies by selling raw herbs directly to consumers or businesses through local stores, farmers’ markets, or online platforms for broader reach.

Developing Herbal Extracts

Many people prefer ready-to-use herbal extracts for convenience. You can create extracts from single herbs or blends and sell them to retailers, companies, or through e-commerce platforms.

Skincare and Haircare Products

Herbal skincare and haircare products are in high demand due to their natural properties. You can develop a range of chemical-free items and sell them through retail stores or online channels.

Clinical Practice

Certified herbalists or those with medical qualifications can provide herbal treatments, offering consultations, personalized plans, and herbal remedy recommendations to clients.


Share your knowledge of herbs through teaching, whether it is online courses, workshops, or wellness coaching. You can also educate people on how to use herbs effectively, which can complement any herb-related business.


With proper training and certification, you can offer aromatherapy services to clients either independently or in conjunction with other practices.


You can freelance as an herb-related content creator. This could involve writing blogs, articles, product descriptions, or sales copy for herb-based businesses looking to attract customers online.

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