All About Punganur Cow
The Cows Seen with Narendra Modi on Makar Sankranti
By - Ravisha Poddar

Indigenous Origin

Named after its town of origin in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, Punganur is one of the world's smallest humped cattle breeds. It stands around 70-90 cm tall

Endangered Species

The milk from Punganur cows has high-fat content; however, the cattle faced existential threats due to the inability to cope with increased milk production demands

Bringing Back to Life

When the cattle count went low, the Andhra Government launched Mission Punganur in 2020 for the conservation of the breed.

Breed's Specialty

Besides yielding high-fat milk, Punganur cows comparatively eat very little fodder. This breed is also drought-resistant, making it suitable for hot and dry climates.

The Goldmine

Report suggests that its milk has 'Au' element, the chemical name for gold. Moreover it is rich in Omega fatty acids, calcium, potassium, and magnesium

PM Modi with Punganur

PM Modi was seen feeding Punganur cows on Makar Sankranti. While feeding cows is considered auspicious by Hindus, it also reflects upon the conservation of this species

Adopting Punganur

As their size is equivalent to any large-size dogs, these breeds are considered suitable for apartments. They are docile in temperament, friendly, and a good option as pets

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