World Kidney Day 2024

By: Ravisha Poddar


An Awareness Programme

World Kidney Day is a global health initiative uniting efforts worldwide to advocate for optimal kidney health.

A Collaboration

Marked on the 2nd Thursday of March, this is a collaborative effort between International Society of Nephrology & International Federation of Kidney Foundations- World Kidney Alliance.

Annual Theme

The 2024 theme, "Kidney Health for All- Advancing Equitable Access to Care & Optimal Medication Practice," underscores medical strides in slowing chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression.

Campaign's Motive

The 2024 campaign aims to raise awareness of inequalities and foster collaborative strategies to improve access to suitable kidney disease treatment.

The Poster

The campaign serves as a visual representation of the mission, focusing on 'Kidney Health For All' aptly promoting equitable access to care and optimal medication practice.

Day's History

World Kidney Day was started in 2006 to make people aware about the importance of kidneys and to help reduce renal problems worldwide.


-   Importance of healthcare professionals in early               detection

-   Inviting government investment

-   Advocates for systematic screening of individuals.

-   Awareness of CKD, diabetes & hypertension. 


Kidney disease is a global health challenge, claiming millions of lives annually. The day serves as a platform to raise awareness of the global burden and promote early treatment.

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