All You Need to Know About Kanjak

By - Shruti Sanwariya


Kanjak, also known as Kanya Pujan or Kanya Bhoj, is a significant ritual observed during the Navratri festival, particularly on the eighth or ninth day, which is known as Ashtami or Navami.


This ritual involves worshipping young girls who symbolize the manifestation of Goddess Durga's divine energy. It is believed to invoke blessings from Goddess Durga by honoring these young girls.


The ritual typically begins with a ceremonial bath for the girls, followed by adorning them with new clothes and jewelry. They are then seated in a row, ready to be worshipped.

Rituals and Offerings

Various rituals are performed to honor the young girls, including applying tilak (vermilion) on their foreheads, tying sacred threads around their wrists, offering flowers, fruits, and sweets, and reciting prayers and hymns dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Kanjak Bhog

After the rituals are completed, the girls are served a sumptuous meal, often comprising traditional dishes like puri, chana (black gram curry), halwa (sweet pudding), and kala chana (black chickpeas).

Cultural and Social Significance

Participating in Kanjak is considered highly auspicious, promoting unity, respect, and compassion towards young girls. It is a way of acknowledging and honoring the divine feminine energy present in every girl child.

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