Animals That Can Survive Without Food for Months

By - Shivangi Rai


Camels can go for weeks without food and water due to their specialized metabolism and ability to store their fat in humps


These mammals can go for days without food, as they need a lot of time to digest their plant-based diet and often have a large fat reserve to draw from 


Known for their resilience and ability to survive without food for several weeks. They can even endure their heads for a time because they breathe through small openings in their bodies

Desert Tortoises

These reptiles can go for several months without food or water by storing water in their bladders and metabolizing their body fat

Honey Bees

Worker bees store honey in their hives, which serves as their food source during the winter when they don’t forage for months

Komodo Dragons

These large monitor lizards can eat a massive meal and live for weeks or months without food as they digest their food slowly

Arctic Foxes

During harsh winters in the Arctic, Arctic Foxes can reduce their metabolic rates and survive for longer period without food

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