Astonishing Advantages of Leftover Rice

By Shruti Sanwariya

Resistant Starch Formation

Day-old rice forms resistant starch through retrogradation, akin to fiber, aiding digestion and promoting fullness. It potentially assists in weight management and helps regulate blood sugar.

Lower Glycemic Index

Resistant starch from cooled rice lowers its glycemic index, slowing digestion for steadier blood sugar levels. It is beneficial for diabetes management and carb-conscious individuals.

Reduced Caloric Content

Refrigerating leftover rice overnight can reduce moisture content, resulting in a denser texture. It has potentially fewer calories per serving, aiding weight management.

Enhanced Digestibility

Day-old rice may be gentler on sensitive stomachs, as cooling and reheating can break down complex carbs, easing digestion and minimizing discomfort like bloating.

Potential Reduction in Antinutrients

While rice contains fewer antinutrients than some foods, cooking and cooling it can further decrease levels of phytic acid, enhancing mineral absorption.


Leftover rice offers a range of advantages making it the most of this versatile ingredient in our meals for a healthier lifestyle.

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