August Flowers for Garden

Renowned for its dazzling and vivid colours, the flower makes it an ideal choice for planting in India during the month of August

Hibiscus Flower

The month of August provides the perfect growing conditions for sunflowers, renowned for their striking golden petals and tall stems


Carnation, with its fringed petals and sweet scent, thrives excellently in India during August


Marigolds are beautiful and colourful flowers that can brighten up any space, especially during the month of August 


These delightful little flowers flourish in the cooler regions of India and serve as a perfect choice for adding vibrant colours to flower beds and borders during the month of August


Known for its intoxicating fragrance, the flower holds a special place in the hearts of people in India


Zinnias are an excellent option for individuals seeking to infuse their home garden with vibrancy and joy, boasting a diverse range of bright and playful colours


Commonly referred to as scarlet sage due to their vibrant red hue, are truly breathtaking flowering plants


Renowned for its elegance and striking appearance, they offer a stunning and diverse exhibition in your home garden, particularly during the month of August


Cosmos, with their delicate and exquisite appearance, captivate with soft, feather-like leaves and an array of beautiful colours


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