Beware of These Unwanted Guests in Radish Crops!

By Pragya Nigam

Know the Unseen Threats Below

Beneath the soil and amidst the leaves, unseen adversaries threaten to diminish your harvest. Come along to explore Radish pests and discover potential solutions to tackle them.

Mustard sawfly (Athalia lugens proxima)

Grubs make holes preferably in young leaves. Its seedlings become dry and fail to bear seeds in older plants.

Cabbage Borer (Hellula undalis Fabr.)

During the initial two instars, the larva mines along the leaf edges, forming a papery white structure filled with excreta, particularly along the veins. Severe infestations can result in weakened plants and deformed heads.

Painted bug (Bagrada cruciferarum)

Both nymphs and adults cause damage by clustering and sucking plant sap. Affected plants exhibit a sickly appearance, drying up, or becoming stunted.

Some Management Practices

Summer ploughing can be used to destroy pupa. One can also use bitter gourd seed oil emulsion for anti-feeding. The application of Phosphamidon dust 0.02 % also helps.


Continuous monitoring, early detection, and proactive intervention are key components of successful pest management in radish cultivation.

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