These Vegetables and Fruits are Loaded with Pesticides

By Shruti Sanwariya


Many commonly consumed fruits and vegetables contain high levels of pesticides. Awareness of these can help make safer, healthier choices in your diet.


Strawberries often top the list of pesticide-laden fruits. These berries can carry various pesticide residues, posing potential health risks if not thoroughly washed or organically sourced.


Spinach is another vegetable with high pesticide levels. Regularly treated with chemicals, it’s advisable to buy organic or wash thoroughly to minimize exposure to harmful residues.


Kale, despite its health benefits, often contains pesticide residues. Consumers should consider organic options or thoroughly clean this leafy green to reduce pesticide intake.


Apples frequently have significant pesticide contamination. Peeling the skin or choosing organic varieties can help reduce the ingestion of these chemical residues.


Grapes, including raisins, are known for high pesticide levels. Washing them thoroughly or opting for organic versions can help decrease the risk of pesticide exposure.

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