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Profitable Crops that you can Grow in 1 Acre of Land

All you need to earn a huge profit is 1 acre of land, a bag of the world's most profitable plant, a little hard work, and patience. 


Saffron is the most expensive crop in the world. Why? It’s made out of the stigmas of the crocus plant and it takes around 75,000 flowers to produce 500 grams of dried saffron.

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Easy to grow, this cash crop is probably the first to pop up in your mind when you think of small-scale farm ideas. In just 5 weeks this crop is ready to generate revenue.

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In a spare room or basement, you can begin by producing just 5 or 6 trays of microgreens and immediately begin earning thousands per month.

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Growing lavender brings in massive profit while also keeping your surroundings smelling amazing! This herb is a versatile crop and its flowers can be sold to florists, fresh or dried.

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Goji Berries

With high demand, Dried Goji berries sell for around Rs 1500 for 500 grams. You can grow over 3,000 kgs of goji berries per acre, making it the most profitable berry to grow.


Eucalyptus is an easy-to-grow tree that doesn’t require much maintenance. Its wood is sold in the market at a price of Rs. 6 per kg, if you sell it, you can earn around Rs. 72 lakhs.