Cash Crop: List of Most Expensive Strawberries

By - Ravisha Poddar

Japanese Beautiful Princess

The most expensive strawberry in the world costs $350 each. These strawberries boast a perfect shape, vibrant color, and an unparalleled flavor

Japanese White Jewel

Grown in Japan's mountainous regions, these ivory gems boast a delicate sweetness. Limited to winter months, they come in elegant packaging

Alpine Strawberries

Hailing from the French Alps, these strawberries are available in late spring to early summer and are loved for their aromatic fragrance, cone shape, and perfect sweet-acid balance

Giant Himalayan

Inspired by Himalayan varieties, these strawberries from California are known for their colossal size and sweet-tart flavor.

Fraises de Bois

Harvested in France during late spring, these petite treasures boast an intense sweetness. With limited availability, they're a culinary delight, known for its exquisite flavor

European Strawberry

From sweetness of Spanish strawberries to the flavors of Nordic varieties, European strawberries are known for their diverse flavors and vibrant colors.

 Wild Strawberries

Wild strawberries are a forager's delight. Bursting with intense flavor, these petite berries, often handpicked, bring the essence of nature to your palate

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