Cheti Chand: All You Need to Know About Sindhi New Year

By: Shruti Sanwariya

Cheti Chand, or Jhulelal Jayanti, celebrated by Sindhi Hindus, signifies spring's arrival and harvest season. It is believed to be the birthday of Jhulelal, the patron saint of Sindhis.


During Cheti Chand, Sindhis pray to the water deity to prevent forced conversions, offering prayers near rivers, lakes, and ponds, as a symbol of reverence and gratitude.


Cheti Chand customs consist of a forty-day prayer phase called Chaliho, followed by festivities. Fasts are observed and rituals like taking Behrana Sahib offerings to water bodies and lighting diya made of wheat flour.


According to legend, the river God prophesied the birth of Saint Jhulelal in Nasarpur, who saved the Sindhi community from tyranny.


Cheti Chand marks the birth of Ishtadeva Uderolal, or Jhulelal, born in 1007. Legend has it that the Sindhis prayed for protection, resulting in Jhulelal's birth.


Cheti Chand celebrations unite Sindhi communities through cultural events, music, and communal feasting, fostering joy, gratitude, and hope.


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