Mahindra OJA

Conquer Any Terrain with Mahindra 

Mahindra OJA, embodies the vitality of 'OJAS,' meaning energy. The tractor is set to innovate farming across vineyards, orchards, and paddy fields with its advanced features and technology.

Blending heritage and innovation, Mahindra OJA's tech packs - PROJA, MYOJA, and ROBOJA redefine traditional farming practices, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Mahindra OJA tractors excel in all terrains providing superior traction and control. Its 3DI compact engine ensures smooth operation and maximum torque.

The all-terrain beast boasts both high lifting capacity and Creeper Mode for precise farming operations. The Creeper Mode allows seed sowing and plastic mulching at low speeds.

Experience comfort and control with Mahindra OJA's tilt and telescopic steering, allowing customization for ergonomic operation.

It also offers convenience with keyless push-button start and fuel gauge sensors, minimizing downtime and preventing fuel theft.

Track and secure your Mahindra OJA with the GPS Live Location feature, providing real-time monitoring and geofencing options for enhanced safety and efficiency.

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