Chicken and Its Benefits

By - Ravisha Poddar

Broiler vs. Country Chicken

While broilers dominate commercial farms, country chicken represents native breeds. In taste, broilers offer standard flavor, while country chicken brings diversity in taste

Kadaknath Chicken

Originating from Madhya Pradesh, Kadaknath chicken is famed for its black meat, high protein content, and distinctive flavor. It also offers improved digestion and immunity boost.

Aseel Chicken

Aseel chicken, native to India and Pakistan. Beyond culinary use in biryani and curry, the muscular Aseel chicken holds ornamental value and is often bred for cockfighting.

Nati Chicken

 Nati chicken from India thrives in free-range environments. Its natural diet contributes to a rich flavor, making it a popular choice for traditional Indian dishes like butter chicken.

Ghagus Chicken

Hailing from Maharashtra, it boasts a meaty texture and a unique flavor. Often used in recipes like Kolhapur and kheema ghagus, it's also valued for ornamental purposes and cockfighting.

Naked Neck Chicken

The Naked Neck chicken, with its bare neck and head, stands out in appearance. Its distinctive flavor is employed in recipes such as chicken curry and biryani.

Chittagong Chicken

Originating from Bangladesh, it is renowned for intense flavor and meaty texture. Used in recipes like roast and korma, it seamlessly blends Bangladeshi and Indian culinary styles.

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