Different Roses & Their Meaning

By:  Shruti Kandwal

This classic rose conveys a message of deep romantic feelings and is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Red Rose: Love

Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy, and they’re a much gentler option than red.

Pink Rose: Gratitude & Admiration

Yellow colour symbolizes friendship. This bright and cheery colour is one of the happiest hues when it comes to rose colour meanings.

Yellow Rose: Friendship

A bouquet of fresh, white roses is the ideal gift for a blooming romance.

White Rose: Innocence & New Love

Purple roses are used to represent love at first sight. They can also mean admiration, interest, or fascination for someone.

Purple Rose: Passion & Infatuation

A bouquet of flaming orange roses can help you express your desire to take your relationship to the next level.

Orange Rose: Fascination

Considered exquisite and rare, this colour signifies that you consider the person as your world.

Lavender Rose: Unique Love

This colour is associated with expressing gratitude, and it indicates the sincerity of your feelings.

Peach Rose: Thanks & Gratitude

These dark beauties indicate profound affection and are a unique alternative to classic red.

Burgundy Rose: Devotion

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