10 Most Popular RICE in the World

By: Vaishnavi Barthwal


Immature glutinous rice is crushed into pinipig, which has an uncommon bright green colour, and delicate flavour

Arroz de Valencia

Its varieties range from the loose and firm Bomba to the creamy and silky Senia


This Italian rice variety is mostly used to make risotto. It is distinguished by a short grain that is smaller than the grain of Arborio rice


This rice grain is pearly white and contains a lot of amylose


This short grain rice is a staple ingredient in Japanese cuisine


The small, spherical grains are solid and rich in starch, giving the meals made with the rice a creamy feel

Black Rice

Black rice, also referred to as purple rice, is a collective term for numerous varieties of Asian or Oryza sativa rice

Rice Paper

Rice paper is one of the main staples of Vietnamese cuisine which is used to wrap the items for appetizer


Although being relatively new, it is currently the most farmed and consumed rice in Japan


This rice variety is distinguished by its intensely nutty, flowery, and subtly spicy flavour and aroma

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