Delhi Tulip Festival: Know What Each Tulip Flower Represents


Yellow Tulips

Yellow tulips are linked with feelings of joy, happiness, creativity, anticipation, and energy. They create a warming sensation and encourage cheerfulness

Red Tulips

Red is commonly associated with energy, strength, and determination. Red tulips symbolize love, passion, and desire

White Tulips

White tulips symbolize new beginnings and are associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. They are often regarded as the color of perfection

Dark Tulips

A deep, mysterious hue that borders on black signifies power and authority. Dark tulips convey messages of elegance, formality, and mystery. 

Pink Tulips

Pink blends the passionate love of red with the purity of white. Pink flower bulbs convey sentiments of caring, compassion, or love

Purple Tulips

Purple combines the stability of blue with the energy of red. Purple tulips symbolize royalty and magic, expressing power, nobility, luxury, and ambition

Orange Tulips

The vibrancy of red merges with the happiness of yellow in the tulip's orange hue. Orange tulips also convey feelings of determination, attraction, success, and encouragement

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