Did You Know These Facts About Sparrows? 

By Shruti Sanwariya

House Sparrows, although not water birds, can surprisingly swim underwater, showcasing their unexpected aquatic abilities for movement.

Aquatic Skills

The sparrow is regarded as a symbol of loyalty in Japan due to its sociable demeanor and capability to thrive in communities.

Loyalty Symbol

The longest-living sparrow on record survived for 15 years and 9 months, making it the oldest documented sparrow to date.

Oldest Sparrow

Sparrows typically maintain a flight speed of 24 miles per hour but can increase their speed to 31 miles per hour when necessary. 


In autumn and winter, male sparrows exhibit dominance over females, whereas in summer and spring, the females take the lead.


Sparrows raise three nests with 3-5 eggs each. Both parents incubate eggs for 12-15 days. Fledglings fly out usually after 15 days.

Laying Capacity

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