Discover Gigantic Ocean Beneath Earth’s Surface

By - Saurabh Shukla

Researchers at Northwestern University have discovered a vast reservoir of water beneath the Earth's surface, challenging existing theories about the planet's water sources.

Earth's Hidden Ocean

Found approximately 700 kilometers below the Earth's surface, it is estimated to be three times the size of all surface oceans combined.

Three Times Big

The discovery emerged during investigations into the origins of Earth's water, with scientists uncovering the ocean hidden within a mineral called ringwoodite.


Previously believed to have originated from comet impacts, the newfound underground ocean suggests that Earth's water may have gradually seeped out from its core.

Origin of Water

Utilizing 2000 seismographs placed across the United States, researchers analyzed seismic waves from over 500 earthquakes, detecting a distinct slowing down indicative of water presence within the Earth's rocks below.


This discovery revolutionizes our understanding of the Earth's water cycle, proposing that water exists within the mantle and moves through rock grains, reshaping our perception of the planet's fundamental processes.

Reshaping Our Belief

As scientists continue to gather seismic data from diverse regions worldwide, humanity stands poised to unlock the mysteries hidden beneath the Earth's surface.

Its Prospects

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