Discover the Miracle Plant That's Revolutionizing Health!

By Shruti Sanwariya

Acmella Oleracea

It is also known as the toothache plant, para cress, and sichuan buttons. It originated from Mediterranean countries and is found across India under various names.

Traditional Uses

This herb is utilized for toothache relief in rural areas. Its distinctive yellow flowers, resembling buds, induce a tingling sensation when chewed.

Medicinal Properties

Rich in spoilanthol, an extracted fatty acid amide, acmella oleracea offers numbing effects when consumed and is utilized globally for toothache relief.

Therapeutic Applications

Apart from toothache, it treats mouth sores, ulcers, heartburn, and headaches. Rubbing leaves speeds wound healing; inhaling eases migraines.

Health Benefits

Acmella oleracea has anti-inflammatory effects, enhances immunity, treats nail fungus, and helps with erectile dysfunction. Infusions and tinctures address multiple issues.

Usage and Precautions

For throat discomfort, tonsillitis, and fatigue, mix acmella oleracea powder with water or milk, but heed dosage instructions.

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