Do You Know About This Mango City?

By - Shruti Sanwariya

Uttar Pradesh

India's fourth-largest state covers 240,928 square kilometers and is home to over 199 million people, each district contributing to its cultural diversity.


Malihabad village of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, is famous for mango cultivation, showcasing varieties of renowned mangoes.

Land Usage

Lucknow utilizes over 59,000 hectares for mango cultivation, contributing approximately 10 million mangoes from Uttar Pradesh to the Indian market.

Variety of Mango

Lucknow boasts extensive mango orchards producing prominent varieties such as Safeda, Chausa, Langra, Ramkela, and the celebrated Dussehri mangoes.

Cultural Significance

Lucknow's mango industry not only contributes to its agricultural prominence but also reflects its cultural heritage, earning it the title of the Mango City.

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