Does Intermittent Fasting Support Contemporary Lifestyle?

By - Shruti Sanwariya

Intermittent fasting helps control weight by limiting eating time and controlling calorie intake.

Managing Weight

This kind of fasting suits different schedules and lifestyles, needing no special foods or complex meal plans, making it easy for busy or irregular schedules.

Convenience First

It holds the potential for boosting metabolic health by improving insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol profiles amid obesity and other related disorders.

Metabolic Health

It helps in increasing mental clarity and reduces fatigue during fasting periods, which can be advantageous in the fast-paced demands of modern-day work environments.

Productivity and More

Limiting eating time, fasting promotes cautious eating, aiding in healthier food relationships, and curbing mindless snacking.

Mindful Eating

Intermittent fasting is a practical, evidence-based way to boost health. But its outcomes differ. Hence, consulting a healthcare professional and considering personal preferences is vital before starting any new diet.


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