The Salt Dilemma

Effects of Excessive Salt Intake on Human Body

by - Ravisha Poddar

What's Salt?

While sodium helps regulate fluids and nerve impulses, too much of it can lead to trouble

Salt = Sodium + Chloride.

Recommended Limit

As per FDA recommendations, the daily value for sodium should be less than 2,300 milligrams (mg) per day. That's about a teaspoon of salt. Let's see what can happen otherwise...

High Blood Pressure

Excessive salt intake can increase your blood pressure. High blood pressure causes heart problems and strokes

Stressing the Kidneys

Your kidneys work overtime to flush out excess salt. But too much can strain them, leading to kidney problems

Bloating and Swelling

Eating extra salt regularly can retain water in your body, causing bloating, and swelling, and can even make you gain weight

Brain Fog 

Too much salt can also cloud your brain, impairing cognitive function


Excessive salt intake can disrupt your body's fluid balance, leading to dehydration, fatigue, dizziness or reduced physical performance

Tampering Mental Health

High salt intake has been associated with an increased risk of mood disorders like depression and anxiety

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