Effortless Weeding with STIHL BC 230: Unmatched Power and Precision



STIHL BC 230 is equipped with a durable and reliable support system designed to distribute weight evenly across the user's body while operating the weeder 

Robust Harness

The ergonomic handle design in this mini-weeder focuses on creating a handle that fits comfortably in the user's hand and reduces strain during operation

Ergonomic Handle Design

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Impressive Digging Performance

STIHL BC 230 uses precision technology and various attachments to target weeds while minimizing damage to surrounding plants

Handles Protected Against Dirt

This design element contributes to a more comfortable and efficient weeding experience that the users can have with STIHL BC 230 mini-weeder

Powerful Engine

STIHL BC 230 features a powerful engine that delivers plenty of torque, making it ideal for a variety of tasks

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