Mahindra ARJUN Tractor

Enhance Productivity with Mahindra ARJUN Tractor Series

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Mahindra ARJUN Tractors, known for their robustness, feature the lowest fuel consumption, potent ELS DI engine, high max torque, and a six-year warranty, redefining durability.

Mahindra ARJUN Tractors

Revolutionize farming with the Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS V1 Tractor, known for unmatched performance and durability, enhancing productivity and precision in agricultural tasks.

Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS V1 Tractor

Equipped with a powerful engine, power steering, and high hydraulic lifting capacity, it ensures efficient performance in various agricultural tasks, including PTO-driven applications.

Mahindra ARJUN 555 DI Tractor

These tractors, feature mBoost technology, having a powerful 44.8 kW (60 HP) engine, power steering and hydraulic lifting system up to 1800kg, and impressive PTO power. 

Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI PP Tractor

Having cutting-edge mBoost technology, this model, has a powerful engine, four cylinders, power steering, and hydraulic lifting capacity. Dual-clutch, smooth transmission, fast hydraulics, and low fuel make it useful for agricultural operations.

Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI i Tractor

It has an advanced 36.3 kW (48.7 HP) engine, power steering, and 1800 kg hydraulics lifting capacity, effectively boosting productivity. It is also equipped with MSPTO for versatile applications.

Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS Tractor