Fish and Milk: Perfect Pair or Potential Peril?

By - Shruti Sanwariya

Scientific Perspective

Fish and milk combination is generally fine unless allergic. No studies prove adverse effects; both are nutrient-rich and used for recovery.

Ayurvedic View

Ayurveda discourages the combo due to opposing effects: milk cools, and fish heats. The imbalance may affect digestion, and weaken immunity.

Nutritional Concerns

Separately, both dairy and fish are nutrient-rich, prompting their combined use in many cultures to aid recovery. Problems arise from undercooked fish or lactose intolerance/allergies.

Cultural Practices

Despite cultural use, caution is advised due to potential digestive havoc. Combination lacks consensus in scientific circles, urging awareness over blind belief.

Effects and More

While not toxic, the combo isn't advised, especially for the immunocompromised. Awareness of its effects trumps blind adherence to superstition or tradition.

Final Thoughts

Fish and milk, though not fatally harmful, may disrupt digestion and weaken immunity, hence best avoided for overall health.

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