All You Need to Know About Bubble Tea

By Binita Kumari

Where did Bubble Tea Originate?

Originated in Taiwan as a local treat & gained popularity over the last few decades. It has its roots in traditional Taiwanese tea dating back to the 17th Century.

Rise to Popularity

It wasn’t until the 1980s that bubble tea as we know it today was invented. Taiwanese immigrants over the past few decades brought this drink overseas and popularised it


Health Benefits of Bubble Tea

The major benefit of consuming bubble tea is that it helps in boosting mood and the immune system & reduces the sugar content and gives you a healthy boost

Regularly drinking boba tea can help with weight loss. Polyphenols and caffeine act as dietary agencies, making them excellent substances to reduce weight.

Bubble tea, with many combinations, can take on any flavor. Tea houses often offer hundreds of variations. Here are the popular Bubble Tea Types for you to Enjoy

Popular Flavours of Bubble Tea

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A refreshing combination of brewed black tea, milk, and (optional) tapioca pearls

Milk Tea

A strong black tea combined with sweetened condensed milk and studded with (optional) tapioca pearls

Thai Tea

 Incorporates puréed taro, a purple root similar to a sweet potato that has a toasty, sweet flavor

Taro Bubble Tea

A fresh fruit-based tea with your choice of boba that is often caffeine-free

Fruit Tea

Especially jasmine green tea and green tea powders such as matcha

Green Tea

Standard oolong tea is a popular option, though green oolong is another favorite for many bubbles tea drinkers

Oolong Tea

Relatively popular option in some Western countries, white tea is rarely used for bubble tea in Taiwan

White Tea

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