Healthy & Delicious Millet Soups

Start By: Sonali Behera

Vegetable and Spicy Millet Curry Soup

This filling and hot soup are made with curried millet and veggies. You can enjoy this soup at lunch or dinner.

Chicken Millet Soup

This chicken and millet soup with loads of vegetables can be a perfect meal for kids as it's not just tasty but full of nutrients and vitamins.

Millet Pumpkin Soup

Easy vegan and gluten-free millet-based pumpkin soup is filling and tasty.

Mushroom Millet Soup

With gluten-free millet and creamy mushrooms, this vegetarian soup could be a complete meal or a substantial starter for your next supper!

Tomato Basil Millet Soup

This simple soup with tomato and millet is best for lunch or a quick dinner.

Millet Noodles Soup

This soup is very healthy and ideal for the current season. The millet noodles and vegetables in the brothy soup combine to form a filling and healthy soup.

Millet Hibiscus Soup

This unique millet hibiscus soup is perfect for rainy days. This soup contains hibiscus flowers which are filled with antioxidants.

Millet Miso soup

This real quick millet miso soup is best for feeding babies and toddlers. You can add any vegetables of your choice to make them extra nutritious.

Tomato Millet Noodle Soup

The soup can be made in a few minutes with items that are easily available in our kitchen.

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