Comforting Soups to Warm You Up This Winter

Cream of Mushroom & Barley Soup

Rich with savory porcini mushrooms, this sophisticated version of creamy mushroom soup also benefits from the nutrition of whole-grain barley.

Spinach Soup

One of the coziest winter soups, it is made with puree-blanched spinach and simmered with a variety of spices.

Tomato Basil Soup

The traditional soup is created with tomato puree cooked in a garlic sauce and seasoned with fresh basil leaves, salt, and black pepper.

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli puree is cooked with cream, milk, and spices to create this nutritious winter soup.

Instant Pot Potato Soup

On hectic weeknights, you can quickly prepare this warming soup as russet potatoes cook quickly in a pressure cooker.

Turnip Soup

With just 1 tablespoon of butter, the simple turnip is turned into a velvety soup in this nutritious turnip soup recipe. Serve it as an appetizer or side soup.

Mix Veg Soup

It’s a winter delicacy made with all the seasonal veggies, including carrots, peas, capsicum, radish, and so on. It tastes best with soup sticks. 

Cauliflower Soup

Made with sautéed cauliflower puree cooked in a medley of spices and topped with coconut milk or cream, the soup is creamy, nutritious, and delicious.

Egg Thukpa

This bowl of comfort food has vegetables, cooked eggs, noodles, and spicy sauce.

Chicken Soup

This soup boosts the immune system and improves the body's defense against the flu and cold viruses. It has medicinal qualities, making it a great meal to use as a wintertime remedy.
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