Traditional Lohri Dishes

Traditional Lohri Dishes

Popped Jowar Ladoos, a favorite of all age groups, is high in proteins and improves immunity. Popped Jowar helps regulate high blood sugar and is good for Diabetic Patients

Sesame Millet Bites

Super easy recipe with outstanding health benefits of Sesame, Jaggery, and Barley is the perfect Lohri delicacy boosting immunity. 


A sesame-based dessert prepared with sugar or jaggery, it's essentially the same as Gur or Jaggery Gajak. This is another staple of the Lohri celebrations that you can enjoy.

Til ka Ladoo

One of the most significant Lohri food that is savored long after the event is done is this delicious and traditional winter sweet prepared with jaggery and toasted sesame seeds.


Another favorite Lohri food is mouth-watering peanut and brittle jaggery chikki. In addition to the most popular groundnut chikki, there are numerous other variations of chikkis.

Roasted Makhana

Makhana or Phool makhana is a wonderful dish, served as a superfood packed with health benefits. Common ingredient during the vrat season, an auspicious sacrifice to Gods and Goddesses.

Jowar Popcorn

Jowar Dhani popcorn is an Indian version of traditional popcorn that is significantly healthier and is ideal for Lohri celebrations.

Aata Ladoo

A well-known dessert cooked for this celebration is atta ladoos. The usual components used to make it are atta, jaggery, and ghee.

Makki ki Roti Sarsoo Ka Saag

Staple recipe for Lohri is Sarson ka Saag & Makki ki Roti. Leafy greens are highly accessible in the winter, and the mood of Lohri would be lacking this traditional treat.

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