Foods to Avoid During Monsoon: Health Warnings

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By Shruti Sanwariya


Watermelon is best avoided during the monsoon as it can be contaminated with bacteria from the rain, leading to stomach infections and other digestive issues.


Consuming mangoes in monsoon can be risky as they are prone to fungal infections due to high humidity, which can cause digestive problems and allergies.


Lychee is a fruit that should be avoided in the monsoon since its high sugar content and exposure to rain can increase the risk of bacterial infections.


Peaches are susceptible to fungal infections during the rainy season, making them unsafe to eat and potentially causing digestive issues and food poisoning.


Avoid cucumber in monsoon as it can increase water retention and bloating. Its high water content may also cause digestive issues in damp weather.


Plums should be avoided during the monsoon as they can harbor bacteria and fungi due to dampness, which can lead to stomach infections and foodborne illnesses.

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