Fox Nut (Makhana) Cultivation 

By: Vaishnavi Barthwal 

Create ponds or swampy wastelands in your field for makhana farming.

Sow makhana seeds from previous crops, the market, or online sources.

Maintain a pond depth of 4-6 feet with stagnant water for optimal growth

Makhana seedlings can be placed on the water field between February and April

Harvesting makhana seeds is challenging and requires skilled personnel

Dry the harvested seeds under the sun to reduce moisture by up to 31%

Store the dried makhana seeds temporarily for 20-24 days

Grade the seeds based on size using sieves, followed by heating and roasting

Roast the seeds at 250°C - 300°C in an earthen or cast iron pan for 4-6 minutes

Extract the edible kernel by beating the seeds with a wooden hammer

The processed makhana is then packaged and made available for sale in the markets

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