Inspiring Women in The Field of Agriculture 

By: Vaishnavi Barthwal 

Women are making progress in every sector of career today. You name it, and they are already achieving heights in that field. Agriculture is one such field where women are defining their territory alongside men

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Atram Padma Bai

Sarpanch to 8 villages & 2000 farmers, she has acquired Govt. sanctions to make clean water accessible and build reservoirs to harvest rainwater

Women Farmers of Medak

They tackled farming problems by using eco-friendly methods like rain-fed farming, & organic farming

Aparna Rajagopal

Lawyer turned Land-healer Aparna used permaculture and traditional farming techniques to create a food forest

Trinity Saioo

This 2020 Padma Shri award winner is credited with discovering and promoting the lesser-known variety of turmeric

Kavitha Kuruganti

She is social activist & has been working in the field of sustainable agriculture and democratisation of sci. & tech. for 27 yrs. now


This 2021 Padma Shri award winner’s 2.5-acre land is an active site for learning organic and sustainable farming for agriculture students

Rahibai Soma Popere

She is popularly known as SEED Mother for conserving indigenous seeds & encouraging farmers to grow traditional crops

Bina Devi

Her work in promoting fungiculture or mushroom cultivation awarded her the title ‘Mushroom Mahila’

Rajkumari Devi

This Padma Shri awardee has helped more than 300 women taste financial independence by setting Self Help Groups

Kamala Pujari

She was the driving force behind tribal farmers of Koraput region adopting organic farming

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