Global Obesity Overview

One in Eight People Are Affected by Obesity: Study

By : Ravisha Poddar

Overweight or Obesity is excessive fat harmful to health, with a BMI over 25 considered overweight and over 30 obese.

What is Obesity?

The latest Lancet study observes that from 1990 to 2022, obesity in women increased by 94% across 188 countries.

Female Obesity on the Rise

The study reports that till 2022, over 1 billion people worldwide are living with obesity.

A Global Epidemic

Obesity among adults has doubled and quadrupled in children since 1990, with 4% of adults overweight in 2022.

2X-4X Rates

In 2022, 12.5 million Indian children were significantly overweight, a dramatic increase from 1990.

India's Overweight Children

The COVID-19 lockdown and sedentary lifestyles have significantly contributed to rising obesity rates.

Pandemic and Lifestyle Effects

- Focus on nutritious foods
- Cut down on carbs and avoid unhealthy      foods
- Exercise regularly
- Consult a doctor when necessary

Strategies Against Obesity

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