Hacks to
Grow Thriving Tulsi Plants at Home

By Pragya Nigam


The Tulsi plant is revered in Hindu traditions as a sacred herb. It's a symbol of positivity and harmony, believed to bring about a peaceful atmosphere. Let’s check the key principles for its thriving presence.

Position Matters

According to Vastu Shastra, placing the Tulsi plant in the east direction is crucial. This ensures that the plant receives sufficient sunlight. Avoid placing it in the south direction, as it may attract negative energies.

Respect the Plant

Respect the sacredness of the Tulsi plant by treating it well. Avoid placing items like brooms, dustbins, or shoes nearby.

Avoid Dry Tulsi

Ensure the prosperity of your space by preventing Tulsi plants from drying out. If the Tulsi dries, respectfully dispose it of and replace it with a fresh one.

Choose the Platform

Embrace the Tulsi plant by elevating it on a platform higher than the base of your home. This practice is in harmony with Vastu principles.

Divine Mythology

Tulsi's leaves hold profound significance in the worship of Lord Vishnu. Hence it is sacred.

Tulsi Arrangement

To enhance positive outcomes, Vastu advises maintaining Tulsi plants in odd numbers like one, three, or five. This is to ensure principles of harmony and balance.

Sunlight Needs

Select a location that has abundant sunlight and access to essential growth elements.

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