Dark Side
Dry Fruit Delight

by - Ravisha Poddar

Cold Waves in North India

Northern India is facing severe cold waves, prompting reliance on hot beverages and dry fruits. However, excess consumption of dry fruits can be detrimental

Dry Fruits for Snacking

Dry Fruits are healthy snacking options rich in nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants & it can help combat the cold. Yet, moderation is key to avoid potential ill effects on body

Calorie Overload

Energy-dense with natural sugars, excessive dry fruit intake can lead to caloric overload and contribute to unwanted weight gain

Blood Sugar Spikes

Natural sugars in dry fruits may cause rapid blood sugar spikes, posing risks for those with diabetes. Overconsumption may lead to insulin resistance

Digestive Issues

Dry fruits are high in fiber and without sufficient hydration, it can result in constipation and bloating. Balance is essential for digestive health

Dental Problems

Sticky dry fruits can adhere to teeth, increasing the risk of cavities. Natural sugars may feed harmful bacteria, causing oral health issues

Nutrient Imbalance

While nutrient-dense, over-reliance on dry fruits may upset the nutrient balance. A diverse diet ensures a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals

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